*REVIEW* 7 Degrees Cafe

Dear Readers,

Today it's time for reviewing a cafe. Ha! Since me and Ryo love to hang out and spend time at the cafe, we'll do cafe review everytime we hop into a new cafe. This time, I'm gonna reviewing one of the well-known cafe in Semarang. It's 7 Degrees Cafe. Located in Siranda area, besides the Parisian Boutique. I don't know what the street name and the number is, but I'm pretty sure it's around Jl.Diponegoro. Ha! Better you google it yourself.

Came and hangout with my friends for our meet-up. No Ryo this time. I do really miss him so much. Well, nothing to worry, because friends can bring me happiness as well as my BF. 

I don't know what the concept is, but seems they mixing between London vibes and romantic ambience. They have indoor and outdoor area. At the entery door, you'll find an alley with London ambience that will bring you to the indoor area on the right side, and outdoor area if you walk through. The indoor bring the romantic feeling. It has flowers, birdcages, and white hue for the decoration. I dodn't take any picture of the alley and the indoor area since we reserved the outdoor area. The outdoor has so much London street ambience. There's telephone box, mailboxes, street cones, fences, and rabbits running in the backyard. So much fun!

The plus about the outdoor area is the air. We have so much air to breath and feel some windy wind, green grass, beautiful scenery, and of course playing with the fluffy rabbits. The waiter and waitress are so helpful and having fast response. I like that. They keep the place clean. 

Now let's talk about the food. I ordered chicken sandwich and green tea latte. Oh, I don't like them at all. The sandwich was really hard to eat. The chicken patty was the worse patty I've ever eat. I almost can't eat the sandwich except the eggies on it. French fries was so salty, salad wasn't fresh, and the portion was too big for me. Also about the greentea latte. Running too sweet for a latte. I don't know why they ruin the meal. Oh I also eat the nachos, well this time was not so bad. Still can be eat. Friend of mine ordered a burger, and she told me that the patty was too salty and she can't finished it. Sorry, un-happy customer is here. Well, at least their food and beverages appearance is photogenic and looks so delish. Ha!

Have I mention about the price? Not yet right? Ha! Don't drop your jaw. Because 7 Degrees Cafe is too pricey for the cafe classified. Start from IDR 12k - 137k for the food and beverages. Oh also the price isn't include the 10% tax and 5% service. Well, I can't being so royal for the mineral water. At the minimarket a bottle of mineral water priced aroud IDR 3k, but at 7 Degrees plus tax and service it cost about IDR 14k. Whoa, I can buy some snacks with the IDR 11k gap. Ha! 

So here's my overall ratings :
1. PLACE     4/5
2. SERVICE   5/5
3. FOOD      2/5
4. PRICE      middle up (not include tax + service)

GO BACK        ? NO

I personally will never go there again, except someone treat me for having lunch or dinner there. Ha! Well, this post is enough I guess, and see you on the next post. Stay catch up with us.



*EVENT REPORT* Kompakers Semarang 3rd Meet-up

Dear Readers,

Here I'm gonna reporting an event that I attended. YES, today I went to my community gathering. For your information, I am a member of #kompakersemarang which is a part of #uploadkompakan. Upload Kompakan is an Instagram based photography community for Indonesian. Eventhough several of the members are live in different country, but they are still Indonesian. Upload Kompakan has some Kompakers maybe in every city or region. And it has thousand followers on Instagram. Because here and now I stay in Semarang, that's why I become a part of Kompakers Semarang.

Today was #kompakersemarang 3rd meet-up. The first one unfortunatelly I didn't attend it just because I was too late to know it. The second one I came in, located at La Dolce Vita Cafe. Here the third is located at 7 Degrees Cafe. I will review the cafe after this post. 

Meet-up was going crazy. We had a beauty class by one of the member, we had a newspaper journalist covered up our event, we had some giveaways, and not to forget we took so much photos. Laughing, eating, chatting, snapping photos, selfie, wefie, and lots of fun. It was pretty happy day. 

Here's some of our photos, with BLUE outfit and flowercrown as our dresscode. 

Thank you #kompakersemarang for this wonderful day. Can't wait to attend the fourth meet-up.




Dear Readers,

Such a long time we didn't make any post. Well, Ryo and I, we've been so much busy with so many things. But I promise to give some times to make blogposts as often as possible. Even though just a quick review post. Ha!

Today I'm gonna review about "Belle Sugar Scrub". It is a natural sugar scrub made from natural ingredients : granulated sugar, oat, rice, olive oil, mint essential oil, greentea, and lemon. They claim that this Belle Sugar Scrub made with no additional preservatives. So it's risk free. Yay! Honestly I never use any sugar scrub before for exfoliate my body skin. I used to wear any body scrub. So it's obviously my first time using a sugar scrub for my skin. 

Okay, let's talk about the packaging. It comes with plastic jar and flowery cap with ribbon touch. So feminine and quite cute I think. I knew the person behind it. It's my primary school friend. She is a very creative person. Well, you can see from the packaging of her Belle Scrub product. I think we got no risk to bring it for travel with you anywhere. Because the jar is plastic and you don't have to worry if you accidentally dropped it.

How much is it ? I'm not sure. I actually forgot about the price in case I brought it few times ago. Also I don't know how many gram the volume is. They didn't give enough explanation. But it's okay. I've been wearing it for about 5 times and I still have it. Not bad right? Well, compare to other sugar scrub that I found on the internet, I think it's cheaper. Others are about 80k-100k, and this Belle scrub is about 50k or 60k. I don't remember how much the exact price is. So pardon me.

I love the Belle sugar scrub smells. It is very good, very calming your nerves. Also they have a lil bit sweet scent. Their texture is just like a coarse powder. The taste is sweet you know. Comes from the sugar offcourse.

Do I have explain how to use it? Ha! It's super duper simple. You can go with 2 ways. First, take some sugar scrub in a small plate or bowl or anything. Drop it with some water and mix it until become paste. Just don't drop too much water. Second way, simply wet your body, take amount of sugar scrub. And then apply all over your body, face, and lips. Yes! It can be applied on all over your body including your face and your lips. It's natural and risk free, remember? So after you apply to your body, wait it for a moment, then scrub it gently in circular motion. And then rinse it off thoroughly.

Result? Whoa, I have very smooth, moist, and clean skin. And the smell is so amazing. Even I can't stop for not smelling and touching my skin. Ha! I love this scrub. And definitely will get another if I run out it. 

So here's my overall ratings :
1. PACKAGING     3.5/5
2. PRICE              4/5
3. RESULT           5/5


Thanks for my friend who make this sweet natural scrub for us. So readers, if you want to buy this Belle Sugar Scrub, go to their --> instagram. I'm pretty sure that you'll get the fast response. Well, enough for now readers. I'm gonna make another post super soon. Stay catch up with us.



*EVENT REPORT* Beauty Class with The Body Shop

Dear Readers,

This time I wanna share about my first experience of attending a beauty class. Well, I never go to a beauty class before. Because every time I wanna go, something happened. For example, I have bought a ticket for a makeup class, but suddenly my parents made a plan to go to my brother or sister's place. Or my nephews came over for several days and I have to be their nanny. So this time is officially my first beauty and makeup class that I attended. 

Few days ago when me and Ryo came to TBS store, the shop assistant offer me wether I want to join their beauty class or not. I said yes without thinking too much. Their beauty class are for free. Yay! Actually that was my third offers. The first and second indeed I can't attend at the end. But yes, the third finally I can make it real. I asked my mom's permission and I got it. Several days later, I read my group LINE and I found that one of the member offered the others to join the TBS beauty class. Whispered to myself that I have not to be alone there, I got some friends with me. 5 persons including me will be attending the class. Sounds good and really fun.

Count the days and finally Monday. Really excited about it. I came little bit late because I have to wait the bus quite long. Yes I do ride the public transportation. It because I can't drive a motorcycle or a car. Ha! Came to the TBS store and several people has come. Met 2 of my friends too. Shortly after, one friend came after me. The shop assistant offered me to become a model but I refused it. Just because I want to learn, to to become a model. Maybe next beauty class I will able to be a model. Ha! 

TBS team has already prepared all the things we need. Like the skincare products, makeup, tools, mirror, bandana, and chest cover. Even they gave us snacks too. They also provide some brochures about their various skincare line. What I love about TBS product is they are safe to use for a pregnant woman, and they're animal testing free. Me personaly use some of their products like BB cream, tea tree oil, lipstick, and more. 

Finally the even has been started. First, they gave us lots of information about skin types, their skincare types, and skincare steps. Skincare steps as you know, it begin with cleanser --> toner --> pre serum --> serum --> eye cream --> moisturizer for daily. For weekly treatment we should take the exfoliator and the mask at least twice a week. TBS team taught us how to do the skincare treatment. How to cleanse, how massage your face, how to apply serum, eye cream, and moisturizer, and dab dab finish. Ha! 

After some steps of daily skincare, we moved to practice the makeup demo. Start with apply the base (just like a pore perfector) --> BB cream (because it's lighter than foundation) --> loose powder --> eyeshadow base --> eyeshadow --> eyeliner --> mascara --> eyebrow --> contour and highlight (if we need to) --> blush on --> lip liner --> lipstick --> set the makeup with compact powder. Yeah lot of things to do. I can not do the whole makeup routine yet. First, I very rarely wearing eyeshadow on my daily makeup. I don't know how to wearing it. I feel like lil bit awkward to see my eyes in eyeshadow. Kind of eyeshadow is not fit in my eyes. I don't know why, maybe because I have very small eyelids. Me very envy with Ryo's eyes, it's deep, have big eyelids, and it must be very pretty to put the eyeshadow on it. Ha! Second, I can't do the eyebrows done perfectly like the shop assistant did to me. She gave me the great eyebrows game. And I do amaze with it. Really want to make the perfect eyebrows every time I do makeup. Will need so much effort to try and doing trial and error.

Well unfotunatelly I didn't take my before the class photo. Forgot to take. I only took the after class. Also took some selfie with my friends. We really had so much fun! Can't wait for another meet up with them. Oh, and I pardon about my not so good photos, it was taken only with my phone. Ha! Maybe I need to purchase a good camera. Well, let's see later.